The process of creation

We do it with great joy, love and dedication to bring you new and interesting birch water tastes.


Bottle capacity


Different tastes

Acquiring the water

We get our product from the birch forest that is situated in the nature preserve near Otepää. We collect the juice using a system of hoses, i.e. that the hoses are attached to the tree and by which the birch water is directed into large collecting vessels. We then transport the water to a cool storage room where the juice is fermented.

Adding tastes

In order to produce the birchmint, we add a peppermint tincture to the birch water, which brings out the spring freshness for you to enjoy.

In addition, we also slightly carbonate the birchmint in order to offer you the fizzy and slightly sour tasting drink.

In making the birch water with buckwheat blossoms, we also add a tincture of buckwheat to it, which makes the drink especially smooth and soft to the taste.


At the moment, we use the biologically recognized Biomari OÜ service. We will deliver the drinks to the retailers ourselves.